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I have been reading, watching and listening about businesses, entrepreneurship and startups, for over 20 years. There is a hidden truth, that nobody tells you. The truth is that capital and money can make the most absurd ideas succeed. I have previously wrote about the role of money. But here’s a statement i was telling my son, and was surprised no one have said it before. So i’ll attribute it to myself.

Any Business Would Succeed If You Throw Enough Money On It

– Abdallah Alaili

There are tons of popular projects out there, that were only able to succeed due to the huge amount of money thrown at them. To just give you a small example, think of Youtube, imagine the cost of bandwidth and storage at the early days of Youtube. Youtube was burning millions of dollars, before being sold to Google for $1 billion. Similar arguments applies to Uber, Amazon, twitter, and many tech focused companies.

Even stupid projects will work if you throw enough money at them. Common logic will resist stupid ideas. But once influencers start promoting these ideas, their herds of zombie fans could make stupid ideas become mainstream. If you do not believe me, check the NFT craze.

I got a reply from a listener … even the horse pants? For reference, see the video below. And the answer would be: possibly not, but i am not even sure.

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