Test Your Entrepreneurship IQ

Do you believe you are cut out to be an entrepreneur? Believing and knowing are 2 different things!

This quiz will help you evaluate your qualifications, and tell you whether you have the skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur.

The following Entrepreneurship test is based on the Entrepreneurship IQ test formulated by Steven D. Strauss, USA today business columnist, and author of many business books. The test is not exactly the same, as i took the liberty to reformulate some questions in a more clear manner, added some options, and am actively expending the test with more questions to make it as precise and accurate as possible.

This quiz is first and foremost an indicator for you, that’s why, it is important to be perfectly honest. Take a few seconds after reading each question and before giving an answer.

Are you ready to

Test Your Entrepreneurship IQ ?

 1. Are you a self-starter (sufficiently motivated or ambitious to start a new career or business or  pursue further education) ?

2. How do you feel about taking risks, How often do you take risks?

3. Are you a leader? Do you come up with activities, or present your opinions?

4. Are you financially stable? can you and your family live without a regular paycheck?

5. Could you fire an employee who really needs the job?

6. Are you willing to work 10-12 hours a day, or even more?

7. Are you self-confident?

8. Can you live with uncertainty?

9. Can you stick with something, once you have put your mind to do it?

10. Are you creative?

11. Are you competitive?

12. Do you have a lot of willpower and self-discipline?

13. Are you a Free-thinker (individualistic) or would you rather go along with the status quo?

14. Can you live without structure / knowing from from hour x to hour y, you do this specific job?

15. Do you have many business skills (sales, marketing, communication, curiosity, planning ...)?

16. Are you flexible and willing to change course when things are not going your way?

17. Do you have experience in the business you are thinking of starting?

18. Could you perform multiple business tasks: accounting, sales, marketing, and so on in a competent way?

19. Are you willing to really hustle for clients and customers?

20. How well do you handle pressure?

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