The Entrepreneur Post

Entrepreneur Post, is an entrepreneurship blog. It was launched in 2013, and evolved with time.
The goal was to just talk about business and share some entrepreneurial tips.
I wished to share what i learn, and what i read, and maybe get others to share too.

Entrepreneur means someone taking action in French, hence i took action.

Why, launch a new blog? Aren’t there enough business, finance and entrepreneurship blogs?

Yes there are indeed. However these blogs are often written by journalists/ writers.
Journalists are not entrepreneurs, a nicely written text will not help a business or an investor.

I have read countless articles that make no business sense, or simply provide no value at all … just a waste of time.

The sites that i have encountered, including the biggest names in the industry, are not looking to provide a proper useful information.
Their objectives, is to bombard you with thousands of articles, so that they display their ads and get you to click on their ads.

Entrepreneur Post was born.

Out of that frustration came the idea to launch my own blog, and sharing my modest knowledge. And of course the wealth of knowledge found in books.

Honestly, i did not have the time to focus full time or even part time on this blog. During the past few years, i had multiple startups, companies and projects to take care of. But as years passed, i started consecrating more time to share the know how here. The last couple of years, the EP content creation have been added on my weekly agenda.

Entrepreneur Post Logo
Entrepreneur Post Logo

What to expect from our entrepreneurship blog?

On the Entrepreneur Post , there will be no journalists, only entrepreneurs. Our articles might not be grammatically correct, but at least you will get a real advice, not a 500 words assignment given to writers who have never run a business.

No articles by business owners/ affiliates who only want to get a link or to advertise their business. If they bring no value they will get no articles.

I am financially well off to not even needing to monetize this project, and thus keeping it true to it’s objectives, an entrepreneur blog by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Topics, will be of importance to entrepreneurs, and will not be with little value, or click baits.

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