You only need to be doing one thing really well to succeed – Gretta Van Riel

Gretta Van Riel is an instagram influencer that was able to become a serial entrepreneur, by launching multiple businesses relying mostly on instagram influence and collaboration.

You only need to be doing one thing really well to succeed – Gretta Van Riel

It is an interesting statement, it makes sense, especially for highly skilled workers. But, does it make sense for entrepreneurs?
Said by an entrepreneur that has launched 5 companies, makes the statement maybe a bit less believable, unless she meant focusing on an aspect.

Does Gretta mean that entrepreneurs should focus on one company or rather one aspect of their company?
I know that a lot of entrepreneurs launch multiple companies and projects, and i am one of them, and almost all successful entrepreneurs have been known to have multiple companies or projects.
But here we are taking a different approach, the approach that once you master a skill or a task, success is within your grasp. For example (inspired from Gretta’s companies), if you do the marketing part really well, your product will succeed, even if it doesn’t bring much value.
And that’s exactly confirmed by her remarks: Audience first, product second.

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