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I am starting a new category that will focus on definitions. Because the internet is full of useless content, making finding good and simple to understand content difficult. That’s why, it makes sense to start this new category with a definition to the term Entrepreneur.

I have previously attempted to answer the question What is an Entrepreneur. This time i will just give a simple entrepreneur definition.

The term entrepreneur is a French loan word, derived from the French word “entreprendre“. The exact meaning of the term “entreprendre” is undertake.
If you look for the meaning of undertake in a dictionary, you will find something similar to : commit oneself to and begin (an enterprise or responsibility); take on.
Thus simply put, entrepreneurs are individuals that commit themselves to the creation and growth of a project or company.

The term entrepreneur is especially associated with innovation and risk-taking. This is the small nuance that separates businessmen from entrepreneurs, even-though sometimes the 2 terms are interchangeable.

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