Internet Entrepreneur Definition

I would like to clearly define what is an internet entrepreneur. To start check the definition of entrepreneur.

Internet entrepreneurs are individuals that undertake an internet related project. We do not include in this definition the businesses that provide business online or through the internet (like a marketing agency or hotel website or even pizza shop ordering app).

Internet related projects can be:
– Website or Mobile App (majority of internet entrepreneurs)
– Social media Channel (Youtubers and social media influencers)
– Blogs and other internet content focused projects
– Other (online classes, courses, decentralized projects, etc …)

Revenue for these projects vary, based on the quality and nature of the project. These projects can start small as personal projects and evolve to multi-billion companies, or can start from the beginning as a startup with proper funding and legal status.

Background of the internet entrepreneur :
Most of these cyber business-people are tech savvy, an important percentage are even programmers or web developers, especially those launching websites, platforms and apps. Some are entrepreneurs that simply pay for the development of the service or basically outsourcing the startup creation, and even outsourcing social media or even outsourcing sales.

Internet entrepreneurs are serial entrepreneurs :
Often, internet entrepreneurs end up creating multiple internet projects, this is visible in some high profiles individuals like Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter and square, or even Elon Musk CEO of tesla and spaceX, who was a cofounder of Paypal and Zip2. Mostly the average internet entrepreneur tries to create multiple revenue streams.

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