Enslave Your Entertainment, Or Your Entertainment Will Enslave You – Abdallah Alaili

The most important asset we have is time. Entertainment is a monster that consumes this asset in a big way.
Most of us let entertainment take an important part of our day, and lives.
Entertainment can be reading /watching the news, watching youtube, scrolling facebook, instagram, tiktok, listening to music, playing sports, watching sports, movies or series, playing mobile games, video games, and so on.

For the average Joe, entertainment will enslave him all his life, it will not allow him to grow, get rich or escape the rat race. Before you say i am exaggerating, take your phone and time the amount of time you spend per day on these absolutely useless activities. For the average joe, who has already at least 8h daily committed to work, or study, that does not leave him with a lot of time. The free time he has, is partially or totally consumed by entertainment.

The rich can afford entertainment, but anyone who wishes to go up the social ladder, can not.

How to enslave your entertainment and make it help you grow ?

Quit useless activities, replace them with activities that help you, or open doors and possibilities for you.
For example:
Replace watching movies with watching these same movies in another language to develop your other languages.
Replace passive activities like reading the news, with maybe blogging.
In a way transform entertainment from just wasting time acquiring useless info, into a way to power your growth.

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