Unique Christmas Gift For Entrepreneurs: Customised Business Board Game

Christmas is near, and if you do your shopping online, you probably need to start looking for Christmas gifts. If you want a unique Christmas gift, you will need to look for something that can be customised.

Thus i will gladly share with you my boardgame. It is for now in limited edition, and comes with some customisable elements.

Game description:
– It is a boardgame that has a mechanism similar to monopoly: Throw a dice, progress on the board.
– It has a life wheel, that reflects life events.
– Choices, are decisions taken by the player that can influence some outcomes and opportunities.
– Deals, vary greatly, from crypto, to start-ups, real-estate, businesses and so on.

The game is fun, my teenage kid took it to class, and his friends loved it ! Yeah, i was shocked too.

It is an ideal Christmas gift for entrepreneurs, young people, or anyone interested in business in general.

The black friday promo is available and gives you 50% OFF, however the promo code is for a limited time.

To get the game, you can get it directly on the site : https://g4z.org/shop-2/

Some pictures:

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