It’s easy to have ideas, it’s very hard to turn an idea into a successful product – Jeff Bezos

The quote came in the context: it’s easy to have ideas it’s very hard to turn an idea into a successful product there are a lot of steps in between it takes persistence relentlessness.

The quote was said during this interview: Jeff Bezos on Entrepreneurship and How Amazon Innovated.

This quote is similar to the bulk of quotes doubting ideas when it comes to entrepreneurship, here’s a few others:
There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them – Seth Godin
Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything – Scott Adams
Dreams are a dime a dozen. It’s their execution that counts – Theodore Roosevelt
The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.

It’s easy to have ideas it’s very hard to turn an idea into a successful product.

Jeff Bezos

This quote is a bit different from all the other “idea” haters. Here Jeff is simply saying that ideas are pretty hard to turn into successful products.
I personally, couldn’t agree more. I have had many projects, many ideas, that i made happen, and the percentage of successful products is very tiny.
Taking in consideration that i do not have the same barriers as most (being that most my ideas are web related, and me having the skills to manage that, unlike many that need to hire 3rd parties), i would say for a standard person that is not involved in the web and marketing space, it is very hard to launch an idea. There is obviously the option of finding investors, or investing a lot of one’s money, and in both cases it does not get much better.

It is hard, but not impossible, and Jeff have the perfect advise to turn the idea into a successful product.

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