Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything – Scott Adams

This quote by Scott Adams, do mostly apply to a specific type of business, which is tech startups, because in the startup scene a lot of young people have ideas for a potential startup but they never end up doing it, thus this quote is 100% on point.
Furthermore, in tech startup business a good idea executed badly is way worse than a average idea executed well.

Thus the quote is accepted as divine words in the startup ecosystem. And is often quoted by startups. And used as a motivator for many to go ahead and lunch a startup.

Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything

Scott Raymond Adams

Even-though i do not totally agree with this quote, still this quote have it’s merits. Because at the end of the day, unless you execute, and you execute in a good way, your idea will not be of any value.

Scott Raymond Adams quote is not without experience, he is an experienced entrepreneur, and have had this issue of having a lot of ideas that were never executed -which is the case of anyone working with creative or artistic content. Being the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, and the author of several nonfiction works of satire, commentary, and business. His Dilbert series came to national prominence through the 1990s in USA and was then distributed worldwide.

That’s why if you have an idea, and don’t have the time, you can hire a company to execute the startup idea for you:

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