Believing you can do it is half the battle

In the spirit of Christmas, i will write today about a quote i recently heard in a Christmas movie called “A Boy Called Christmas”.
In case you are curious about the movie, i’ll add the trailer to the end of the post.
This quote have been circulating for some time and have multiple different forms with exact same meaning …
Believing you can do it is half the battle.
Believing is half the battle.
Believing in yourself is half the battle.
Believing you can win is half the battle.
Believing you’ll do well is half the battle.

In the content age, you will see many sites and people trying to outdo the original quote, by replacing “half the battle” with “more than half the battle“. These attempts are absolute nonsense, as there is no way to quantify the moral effect of believing in oneself.

The battle, can be anything, from launching a new business, to winning a football match or succeeding in a course, believing makes you invest more effort because you have higher trust that you will succeed.

As i said, there is no way to quantify the amount of contribution to success, the state of mind has. But we are taking the quote in a figurative speech.
Believing in oneself is essential, without such a believe, you risk of giving up too early. The believe in oneself helps the person persist and persevere.

Persistence and perseverance, can rarely be present if there was no believe, or hope in a success.

Yet persistence and perseverance are the twin pillars of self discipline and thus success. Hence, believing have a big role in succeeding, but all depends on what we are talking about. For instance, believing you can be an astronaut will lead you no where, given the probability of success.

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