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The other day while reflecting about life, it came to me that we do get a second chance in life, even sometimes a third, fourth and so on. These extra chances are via our children or kids. Let’s be honest, each of us is dealt his or her cards, something we can barely influence. We can work hard all our life and not be even able to replace the negative influence of a single one of these cards.

Example, some cards we are dealt:
– If you are born poor / rich. For the poor the starting point for the race towards success is so low, that becoming successful is the exception. For those born rich it is the rule.
– Being born in a third world country VS. in the US. In developed countries success is so much easier to achieve (unless you are living in a communist like state – hint some countries in the EU). Funding, investors and support are so much easier to find in the developed world.
– Gender: Based on your gender and location, you would have different opportunities (mentorship, funding). In the middle east women would have much less opportunities than men, while in the west, it is the exact opposite (even quotas). Gender discrimination opportunities wise, exists in both societies but affects opposite genders.
– Bad/None existing guidance. We are the result of our past. If you did not get proper guidance growing up, then do not be surprised you failed in this extra competitive life.

We might hustle all our lives, but we will rarely be able to negate the influence of a card we are dealt. And that’s essentially why people can not escape the rat race. What we can do however is plan 2 moves in advance. Our kids do not have to be dealt the same cards. In a way, their success is our success.

Prepare your kid to succeed.

You would hear many voices saying let kids have fun, they have time to grow up. True, but if you can influence their success in the future, and you don’t, then you would be doing them a disfavor.

Prepare your kids to crush it. Invest time and effort to guide, teach and build a desire to succeed.
Instead of the time the kids waste on social media, we can redirect their focus and energy towards what can make them more successful in life.
If a kid like crafts, put effort to get him to learn sculpting or modeling, like a pro. If a kid likes drawing, push him to master the skill and techniques. These thousands of hours wasted on useless social media, can be used to help the kid have a successful career in the future. It can apply to any domain, just push harder to learn and get immersed in the specific knowledge.
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Kids can be unappreciative of your effort to help them.

An example comes to mind. Elon Musk …
Elon Musk accused does not like his dad much. Elon’s dad was a strict dad, he taught him a lot of engineering and physics … And if it wasn’t the case Elon would not have been the super successful entrepreneur he is today.

What is success to you ? Good question, will cover it in another post. But if success is having a positive impact in this world, or even if success for you is having a good future, then your kids are the key. It might be a less selfish success, but a success nevertheless.

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