Build it and They Will Come – NOT TRUE

Origin of this quote:
This taken out of context line was spoken by Ray Kinsella, a fictional character played by Kevin Costner, in the film Field of Dreams, directed by Phil Alden Robinson (1989). While wandering in a corn field, Ray Kinsella hears a strange whisper: “If you build it, he will come.” Build what?

If you build it, they will come,” has since then a catchall phrase that any new business you start will succeed. Reality, is much different. People in most cases will not come just because you build it, create it or launch it.

Opinions: Used in the context of a conversation:

It means “If you assemble/construct a physical manifestation of what you just mentioned to me, those who need or want it will travel to buy or use it.” In other words, it’s an invitation (by the replying person saying this) to someone ‘go ahead and pursue the realization of your idea or vision’ instead of only talking about it. This well-worn phrase could be construed as either a vote of confidence or a criticism of inaction. I have no idea where it originated.

Build it and They Will Come, is a not true statement for any online based business.

I have been helping companies with marketing for more than 10 years, and do believe me, marketing is essential. But i recently realized to what extent nothing moves without marketing. For years we knew that youtube channels, and other social media accounts needed active marketing to grow. But lately while launching a kickstarter campaign for a project we are launching, we just realized that in fact for everything online, if you do not properly market, they will not come.

Platforms like kickstarter, indiegogo, amazon, fiverr, onlyfans, shopify , and many more, make money whenever you make money. Some even cut 20% or more of your earnings. In theory, these platforms should have your best interest in mind, and the saying “Built it and They Will Come” should apply to them. Meaning once you launch on them anything, the appropriate audience should know … It is not the case.
The reality is, that these platforms count on you to advertise your profile and offering. Possibly 90% to 99% of people fail to make money because they did not signup for this, and do not know how to do it. They were deceived by the selectively curated success stories, that these companies plant in the media, via paid advertising or more deceitful ways.

Build it and They Will Come, can be sometimes true for brick and mortar based business.

For brick and mortar, it is different. The exposure is visual, hence the need for advertising is not similar to online business. In the case of brick and mortar, the quote can be true if there is a need or if the business creates one. For example, imagine you are live in a small village in Spain. If you open an Indian restaurant, the local population might start coming / or not. You open a supermarket people will probably come, without much advertising (except if there is too much competition). You open a dance school, you might not see a single client. All depends on the need. If there is a need, people will come.

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