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Kickstarter, What You Need To Know Before Launching A Campaign

For my latest project, after actually producing the game, i decided to launch a kickstarter campaign. The logic was, i will need to market the product less, and pre-selling will allow to improve some of the game elements (fancier cards, nicer play money, or even fancier guide …). I thought this should be easy, the game have been already produced, why wouldn’t people back it, or why wouldn’t kickstarter give it exposure. I was wrong, twice (launched twice)!

Being new to launching a kickstarter campaign, i was naive. I reached out to the kickstarter communities to see what i was doing wrong. Reality is, in most cases, a kickstarter campaign needs as much if not more effort and money than the actual product. To have a successful kickstarter campaign, you have 2 options: Either focus on creating video and graphics to sell the idea and then heavily market the campaign for 6 month before actual launch. Or spend a load of money on social media advertising. In both cases, your time and money is better spent on your own product, not on a kickstarter page.

Here’s me babbling about this subject:

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