The best way to succeed in business, is to be in business – Quote

There is a quote that i like a lot, however i forgot the exact words …. but it is in the sense of :

The best way to succeed in business, is to be in business

The exact terms i do not remember, but the meaning is that in order to succeed in a business you need to be in it involved for some time …
The obvious question, would be why you need to be in business, and what does it mean exactly?
I’ll tell you why, as an experienced entrepreneur, and i am sure this is something that most entrepreneurs would agree upon:

Your successful product, might be a side project or a secondary product / service that you launched way after your initial product/ service.

In business, it is very frequent that a product or service that was not initially considered, takes off and makes up 80% and more of the business revenue.

That’s why, for a business to be successful it should have the time to try these different possible side products / spin offs / secondary products or services.

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Abdallah Alaili

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