What is a Side Hustle ?

A side hustle is an occupation that brings in extra money, beyond one’s main source of income. A side hustle can become later on the main source of income, and thus stops being considered as a side hustle.

The word side hustle comes from hustle, but have a slightly different meaning. Unlike hustle, a side hustle is something you do on the side, and do not commit to it 100% of your time.

Some examples of popular side hustles:

1- Flipping: Buy and sell. Find stuff at ebay, garage sales etc …
2- Creative work or something related to your skill set: photography, videography, graphic designer, barber …
3- Youtube videos : May take years to actually make money. Money comes from ads and sponsorship.
4- Blogging: Also will take years to make any money.
5- Freelancing: You can become a freelancer and offer Voiceover, video reviews, copy-writing, etc … Competition is tough, but the demand is there.
6- Gig Economy: You can join one of the different food delivery startups, uber like companies, etc … and choose to provide your service for a certain amount of time per day or certain days in the week.

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