Freelancer Definition

In the Solo–entrepreneur definition, i mentioned the term freelancer.
And defined freelancer as a gig economy worker.

According to cambridge dictionary, it is someone doing a particular pieces of work for different organizations, rather than working all the time for a single organization. In a way like a contractor, however in a less stable and professionally structured way.

I remember 10+ years ago, when an acquaintance, once said to me, after introducing myself as a freelancer… so you are unemployed.
(PS. I introduced myself as freelancer at the time, because i wasn’t in the mood for explaining that i run a small marketing firm)

It might be true of being unemployed when you are a freelancer, but also it might be a life-choice. Entrepreneurs, and solo-entrepreneurs are sometimes also freelancers, doing side jobs while working on their projects.

Some jobs do favor freelancing like :
– Writers.
– DJs.
– Graphic design.
– Web / APP development.
– Video Production.
– Audio production.
– Photographer.
– Private tutors.
– Translator.

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