As long as you fight you are the winner – st. Augustin

This quote came to the attention in a presentation. A lady listed the quote as her favorite, but attributed it to someone else. A quick search allowed me to find out that this quote is most probably by st. Augustin.

As i stated in the post “God helps those who help themselves“, i try to avoid theological posts. However, given the current political situation (war in Ukraine), i wanted to discuss this quote.

As long as you fight you are the winner

– st. Augustin

A very simple and straightforward quote, however it create so many contradictory feelings for me.

I- From a business and entrepreneurship point of view:
This quote is about what we call resilience.
Resilience is very important for a business and entrepreneur success.
However, there are also a line of thought that consider failing fast as a good thing (even though i disagree).
Failure is also a possibility to start again, in a better way, as Henry ford says it best: Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Thus the question: Is fighting really make you a winner ? Or are you simply fighting in-order not to be considered a failure / loser ?
From my point of view, you are a winner when you succeed, till then you are simply fighting.

II- From a political and warfare point of view:
I was born in a war-zone, and experienced war till my teenage years. And i can say categorically, 100 percent without hesitation, this quote is wrong.
A lot of people are hailing the Ukrainian president Zelenskyy as a hero, not me, i do not see him as a hero, instead i see him as an inexperienced politician that caused unnecessary destruction to his nation and death to his people. No civilian wants war, no kids want to grow in a war zone. Politicians role is to avoid such scenario, not to precipitate to it. You are a winner only when you have peace, a war very rarely can be a win to any side. You can see how do countries do even after war ends, many will still be stuck in chaos for years and decades to come.

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