Unfair Advantage Definition & Meaning

This is a term used often in the startup world. What does it mean exactly? What is an unfair advantage?
It is simply: Unique Selling Proposition (USP) but adapted to the startup world, meaning embellished and exaggerated.

A unique selling proposition as previously explained is the one factor (or “proposition”) that makes your company better than the competition.
Unfair advantage is basically the same thing, but using different words. Words matter, and with this new formulation of the same meaning, you get an entirely different impression of the importance of this differently named USP.
Unfair advantage, makes it sound like you are almost feeling sorry for the competition. It is like if your unique selling proposition is so strong that it is unfair advantage over the competition.
This matters, because startups often raise money from investors. And i assure you when an investor hears “our unfair advantage” it is more likely he’ll invest than when he hears “our unique selling proposition”.

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