1 Million Dollars or Dinner with X Celebrity ?

I have read many times posts on the internet asking the dinner question.
It goes like this: Would you take 1 million dollars or have a dinner with Jay-Z or other.

Of course on our site we’ll only focus on the business side of this question, in other words, if you have a crush on the celebrity or you want to make a romantic move, that does not enter in our analysis.

Business wise we have 2 real options:
– Establishing a connection with the celebrity is more valuable than what you are paying: For example if you wish later to pitch the celebrity a multi-million dollar investment opportunity, or simply if the celebrity in question can open very important doors, or has a very valuable network. Then in this case meet the celebrity, but you need to ace the meeting to be able to get access to his network, you need to be a pro networker, and know how to make the celebrity like you.
– Establishing a connection with the celebrity just to learn and get wisdom during this meeting. Absolutely not worth it, nothing a celebrity can tell you or is willing to tell you during this meeting is worth the money. Also don’t expect the celebrity to reveal some top secret strategies, or even to give you his personal phone number, let alone pick up the phone in case you call afterwards.

Keep in mind, celebrities are super busy people, they will not go out of their way just because some shmuk decided to pay a million dollars for a dinner with them. If they are nice, they might put you on the acquaintance list for some time, before totally forgetting about you.

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Abdallah Alaili

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