Jamie Dimon’s advice about work and business leadership


are there a couple pieces of advice you
would give to someone who’s just maybe
starting their career and looking at
this fast changing business environment
asking how they’re gonna yeah maintain
their work hard there’s no such thing as
successful at hard work
so some people
have this quick get-rich-quick notion
I’ve never seen it I mean maybe it’s not
a casino maybe it’s happened but it’s
not it’s not the normal way second you
spend your life learning
you know I read
four or five newspapers every morning I
read tons of stuff I read everything
that people send me you’re gonna learn
when you go out in the road learn learn
learn you learn from clients learn from
competitors you learn when we meet with
small business you’re always learning
and that could be a small thing that
someone said why do you do this he said
my god we should do that differently to
a very large thing even innovation
sometimes it’s not an AHA it’s a lot a
lot of little things he added on top
each other the iPhone was 3G you know
the glass the semiconductors the
batteries wasn’t one thing that created
an iPhone so learn learn learn treat
people the way you want to be treated

you know like like have respect for
people and be willing to change your job
a little bit don’t worry about your
income level you know people my god I’ll
take that job I love the people puts
less money you know what sometimes it’s
the absolute right thing to do so be a
little bit of flexible and the job you
and try you know in your in your
lifetime you should be prepared to do a
bunch of different things we tell people
it’s your job to take care of your mind
your body your spirit your soul your
friends your family and you need to do
that at any level because if you don’t
you know you probably won’t be a
particularly productive worker we can
help but we can’t do it for you we can
provide opportunities we can’t do it for
you second you know what does that mean
you want people to basically say I’m
gonna leave I got it five yes you guys
you gotta go take care of your kids
baseball game you don’t feel well you
you know you need a spiritual getaway
you you should do those things and it
could be done most of the people might
life who are always frenzied they can’t
get it done I would some it’s you it’s
not the company so a lot of people doing
that except the exact same job and
they’re always at peace and at ease and
they have their family time you know if
you’re if you’re a male or we just had a
bunch of babies you know maybe can’t
play golf every day in the weekends
maybe you got to just cut back in other
things and
focus on that you can’t give kids for
example quality time only you don’t get
the quality without quantity you know
and I tell people so you have to arrange
your life so it works for you in a way
that you’re taking care of your health
like when I go travel overseas I
schedule exercise time management is get
it done follow-up discipline planning

and now’s this fax back fax and now just
get the right people in the room you
know kill the bureaucracy all these
various things they get done which if
you don’t you won’t be particularly good
but the the real keys to leadership
aren’t just doing that
or make yourself
but having people who want to work at
the place
so you might want to work for
me if you trust me if you know what I
care about is the client the country
something different if the person’s
selfish you know blames you and takes
the credit you’re not gonna want to work
there so to me humility openness
fairness being authentic that’s what
creates leadership not that the smartest
person in the room or the
hardest-working person in the room and
you can you know if you made a list of
good CEOs it’s not their charisma it’s
not always their brain power but you
won’t be a good seal without that
because people want to work there and so
to me that is a whole different way of
making sure you manage it

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