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Job Title: International Sales Manager

An International Sales Manager is responsible for overseeing the sales activities of a company in foreign markets. Their main goal is to maximize revenue and profits by developing and implementing effective sales strategies for the global market.

The role of an International Sales Manager can be quite diverse, but some of their key responsibilities typically include:

  1. Developing and implementing sales strategies: International Sales Managers are responsible for developing and executing effective sales strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of each foreign market. They analyze market trends, identify potential customers, and create sales plans that align with the overall business strategy.
  2. Building relationships with customers: International Sales Managers must establish and maintain strong relationships with customers in foreign markets. They communicate with customers regularly, understand their needs, and work to provide solutions that meet their requirements.
  3. Managing sales teams: International Sales Managers are responsible for managing a team of sales professionals who operate in different parts of the world. They train and motivate their team members to achieve their sales targets and monitor their performance.
  4. Analyzing sales data: International Sales Managers use sales data to monitor sales performance and identify areas for improvement. They analyze sales data, customer feedback, and market trends to develop strategies that improve sales performance and increase revenue.
  5. Ensuring compliance: International Sales Managers must ensure that all sales activities comply with local laws and regulations in foreign markets. They work closely with legal teams to ensure that sales practices are ethical and comply with all relevant laws.

Overall, the role of an International Sales Manager is critical to a company’s success in foreign markets. They play a key role in developing and executing sales strategies that increase revenue and maximize profits.

An example Job post for International Sales Manager would be like this:

Your team

The Sales Team consists of a Sales Director and a team of International Sales Managers (=you), each one responsible for a given scope of countries. The team is dedicated to selling our solution to new and existing partners. This encompasses the following:

  1. Drive Company’s growth by developing our portfolio of suppliers and continuously increasing the number of ” SAS” sales
  2. Manage the existing suppliers and ensure they use “SAS” in the best possible way
  3. Bring visibility by attending trade fairs, meeting key suppliers and creating a strong network of partners.


As an International Sales Manager, you will be leading all commercial actions within your region :

  • Identify and acquire new suppliers such as …
  • Rely on external Sales representatives that you’ll hire and manage to speed up our market penetration into some countries
  • Gain market expertise from meeting with our main partners, reading news and reports, establishing strong connections with local industry players, attending local & international fairs
  • Maintain close ties with our pool of suppliers, through phone calls and meetings
  • Leverage data analysis to understand performances, share best practices and educate our suppliers to optimize their sales rates and revenues

Skills we’re looking for

You will be a good fit to join the Sales team at “SAS name” if you:

  • Have an outstanding curiosity — that’s just mandatory
  • Are passionate about the “specific” industry and be aware of what is moving the industry
  • Have years of sales & partners’ management experience, with an outstanding track record of delivering growth
  • Have strong written & verbal English communication skills
  • Are highly organized with exceptional follow-up skills
  • Have the ability to collaborate in a fast-paced team
  • Have a desire to learn fast and make an impact from day 1
  • Are comfortable working within a remote team

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