Startup Pitch Template – Email or Elevator Pitch

If you are looking for a short elevator pitch or even an email pitch, you can use this template to make it easier for you.

Hello potential investors,

My name is [Founder Name] and I am the founder of [Startup Name], a [Product/Service] company based in [City]. Our goal is to solve the problem of [Problem].

Currently, the market for [Product/Service] is worth [Market Size] and is growing at a rate of [Growth Rate]. However, there is a lack of options for [Problem] and this is where we come in.

Our solution, [Product/Service], is unique because [Unique Value Proposition]. We have already completed [Milestones] and have a working prototype.

We are seeking a pre-seed round of funding to help us [Goals]. With this funding, we will be able to [Action Steps].

In the next [Timeframe], we plan to [Future Goals]. We believe that with your investment, we can achieve these goals and bring our solution to market.

Thank you for considering our pitch. We would love the opportunity to discuss this opportunity further with you.

Sincerely, [Founder Name]

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