Determination VS. Persistence & Perseverance.

Until recently i lumped determination, persistence and perseverance together. On the surface, these 3 characteristics may look the same. They can be described as not giving up. However, after my recent change of heart on the concept of failing fast. I can now see a big difference between determination on one hand, and persistence and perseverance on the other.

Persistence and perseverance as i said in previous article, have similar meanings. This meaning, is to carry on despite difficulties and setbacks.
Determination, on the other hand, do not mean to carry on, but rather a will to reach the end goal. This means, that it is not about staying the course, but rather achieving the goal. In a sense determination can be by staying the course, in this case it would be a synonym of persistence or even perseverance. But also, determination can be exploring multiple other courses to reach the goal.

In a way, i think determination is more important than persistence and perseverance. Because persistence often leads to nowhere, perseverance is only persistence but with a lot more drama. While determination, is a will to achieve no matter the road.

To make it easier to understand please check the graphic below:

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