If you quit on time, it will feel like if you quit too early – Annie Duke

To understand this quote, i invite you to check first these 2 quotes:
Sunk Cost, Why You Should Give Up Often.
Persistence & Perseverance Roots of Success is a Lie, a Fallacy.

From the 2 quotes, you will get the point that persistence and perseverance is often more harmful than helpful, as it leads to wasted time and resources. But given that wasted opportunities have a much stronger effect on us than the reality of life and time, we tend to stick more than we should to things.

Annie gave an example of poker, where a lot of none pro players play more than 50% of hands, while the pro players play only 15-25%. The normal player is mostly influenced by the many times they passed on rounds only to figure out that the card they held could have led to winning. These strong mental effects of wasted opportunities lead to players playing more hands and thus losing more.

The same in life, wasted opportunities make us want to stick longer than we should. That’s why quitting a job, when you have no more potential to grow, feels too early. That’s why quitting a project, when you discover a main issue, also feel too early. We are hunting for the chances, for luck, the same way the poker luck by playing more hands.

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