If you have something to eat, where to sleep, what to wear, be calm. You really have nothing to worry about – Sanket Arakh

I usually write about entrepreneurship, success, motivation, the hustle and all the values that are packaged with entrepreneurship.
I quote successful entrepreneurs, business people and leaders, analyse their mentality and the logic behind their quotes.

However, today a friend of mine, who was also my Yoga teacher for more than a year, passed away at the young age of 40.

Thus, today, to pay homage to my dear friend Sanket Arakh, i would like to break with the stressful entrepreneurship mentality, and share the human and insightful ideas of my dear friend. The ideas of being content rather than in a permanent competition with everyone.

Sanket, had a positive stress-less attitude towards life, it can be summed by his famous saying:
If you have something to eat, where to sleep, what to wear, be calm. You really have nothing to worry about.

A longer version would be: If you have something to eat, where to sleep, what to wear. In addition, a happy family by your side, friends, a good job and a sufficient salary. What more could you want?

I am adding a collection of his interpretation of life and stress, and the never-ending competition.

Sanket taught people how to find happiness in the little things. He argued that we are consumed by frustration, which we feel even in the smallest matters. For instance, we eat a meal and wish it was pizza, instead of rejoicing that we have something on the plate at all.

According to Sanket, Yoga is the art of relaxation. It gives you a clear view. You interpret reality better. You see what is really there, you stop living your imaginations. You know how to be satisfied. You stop participating in the big competition, you understand that everyone has their own life and their place in the world. You don’t have to compare to anyone, you just need to focus on yourself.

We are tormenting ourselves with someone else’s problems, the situation in the world, the opinion of others. We take a lot of stress on ourselves that doesn’t really apply to us. We care about the matters of others we don’t know, which are often like a fairy tale for us, instead of focusing on ourselves and our family. Because what is stress? A feeling we cause ourselves. You will not save the world, you are not the president or God. In his Yoga classes classes he used to say: “look at yourself”. Be a better version of yourself every day. Do not take part in any competition.

We have a real influence only for this moment, because we will not change the past and we do not know the future. We can plan, but reality will play a tricks on us anyway.

Rest in peace my friend, i hope your ideas spread like wildfire. And that your wisdom be transmitted to generations to come. I wish your saying becomes a quote repeated by many.

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Abdallah Alaili

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