Capturing attention is too scarce commodity – Jeff Bezos

capturing attention attention is too scarce commodity of the late 20th centuryJeff Bezos 90’s interview.

Capturing attention is too scarce commodity

– Jeff Bezos

The quote is from the 90’s, but it is as good and as valid as ever, i would even say it is more valid today than in the 90s.
As Animation Vids states, the average website visitor have the attention spam of a fish. That is why more and more companies and startups rely on the simple explainer videos to let the idea or product across in 30 seconds to aminute.

You do not need to over-analyse the quote, just look around you and see how difficult for people to give attention to a specific idea or site. This may be mainly due to the abundance of information and data. And i would add the excessive Ads.

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