Entrepreneurs are Born or Made ? Analysis & Opinions.

Entrepreneurs are Born or Made ? This question have been debated since the word entrepreneur have been invented, but in recent years, and with the spread of the internet & the rise of the start-ups, the number of people that take the plunge and become entrepreneurs is increasing greatly, and as a result the question is raised again and again with no definitive answer just opinions.

In the following Article, we will try to answer this question, and we will keep this post open for updates and opinions of professionals and experts in this domain (this post will be continuously updated).

Becoming an entrepreneur have never been easier, college dropouts are able these days to start companies in their garages, and sell these companies for millions of dollars few years later. While in the past, becoming an entrepreneur often needed capital, which required the entrepreneurs to work for a certain period of time to save the capital needed (and some would eventually give up), or take loans which increased the risks (and some low risk taking entrepreneur would give up as-well).

Unlike in the past, when only a small fraction of potential entrepreneurs became real businessmen, these days most potential entrepreneurs are taking the plunge at one time or another in their life. This will help us with our analysis.

This Question have been examined a lot before, but if we take in consideration the tech start-ups, we can, i think, have a good analysis of this old-age  question.

Do entrepreneurs have special genes or character, that drive them to succeed while most people lack these characteristics, or did they become entrepreneur through education, experience and mentor-ship?

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Let’s first enumerate the characteristics needed to become an entrepreneur:
1- Should be a risk taker (even if it’s not a big risk), to actually launch the business.
2- Should be a bit stubborn, to ignore all the warnings (and don’t do it advices) from friends and family.
3- Should have self confidence, if you can’t believe you can succeed, you won’t even try.
4- Should be independent, and have an independent spirit of deciding for oneself one’s future.
5- Should be able to take the initiative, nothing happens without a decision.
6- Should be ambitious, If you don’t want to succeed why then take risks?

The above characteristics won’t guarantee you’ll be a successful businessman, being successful is a more complicated question.
Then, we should differentiate between real entrepreneurs and accidental entrepreneurs (below):
1- When a company asks candidates to open a firm, to hire them as contractors instead of employees.
2- When the field of study or expertise, somehow demands to open a business to exercise it, like hairdressers, designers, mechanic, etc.
3- When a person with capital, sees the potential of your service or products, and offers you to go solo instead of being employed.
4- People that inherit companies from their fathers or families.
5- Employees that learn the trade secret, then decide to compete with employer (often after being fired).
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Another factor we should take in consideration, is the family or friends entrepreneurs influence:
Most entrepreneurs, have a close family member or friend who is self-employed or is running his/her own company. Starting a company without any exposure to someone self-employed is less common. The system is hard to understand unless you have an example or  a role model navigating it successfully.
Entrepreneurship in the internet Age:
Even-though starting a website is not like starting a physical business, many internet sites, offering services or products are actually a business, furthermore, with the revenues generated by online ads, the blogs and discussion forums can even be considered a business. Many Blogs have eventually turned into a multimillion dollar business.
What we can notice is that people starting a niche blog are much less than what you would expect, and that most people are internet consumers rather than producers, which is in accordance with entrepreneurs percentage of societies.
To answer the question:  Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made, you should understand one last point:
Most people  have the dream of starting a business whether it is full-time or part-time. The reason that stops them from doing it, is fear! Fear from the unknown, and in many cases financial troubles. An entrepreneur, is the person able to overcome the fear and try to realize the dream.
A person with the characteristics enumerated in 1st section, and exposed to an entrepreneur as explained in section 3, would have a higher chance of becoming a businessman than a person without the enumerated characteristics, thus we can say:
Entrepreneurs are Born and Made, but the Born part have a higher influence than the made part.
Becoming an Entrepreneur is also possible without having the characteristics needed, but you’ll probably have to face your fears.

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