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Do You Love Board Games ?

Free copies for answering a couple board games questions.

Answer and get a print and play copy of our game (distributed in accordance with campaign distribution timeline). Or a chance to get a box version of the game (via lottery).

The back story

Hello there …
So we are launching a board game called MoneySmart, it is a game that can be considered a Roll and move/write style game. This game was created with the objective of helping the player develop an investing attitude. We already produced 500 copies, but we are still tweaking the rules, as we want this game to also be community driven gameplay wise (good input from players to be integrated in updated rules). This will allow us increase the fun factor and the learning factor a player gets when playing the game. We are currently raising funds through crowdfunding campaign, you can find more about this on our website: G4Z.org

I am an entrepreneur, but am new to this domain. I have played many boardgames and still play few times a year, but i am not a mega fan, and i am new to the board games production domain. That is why i would like to ask you a couple questions, and in exchange we will send you a print and play version of our game.

Welcome to your Board games and You

Design of the box.

Ideal play time.

Game mechanics you like.

What boardgame theme you like the most?

Why you like playing board games?

How many times you play per month on average?

How many different board games you play frequently?

How many games you helped in crowdfund (kickstarter ...)?

What do you think makes a board game succeed?

What features you like seeing in a board game?

Would you like to be informed of our latest games, and get giveaways?

Your age

Your gender

What other questions you think we should add to this survey?


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