If You Try And Fail, Congratulations! Most People Don’t Even Try.

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An interesting quote, it says something about society, but i am not sure it has any practical value for business people and entrepreneurs.

If you try and fail, congratulations! Most people don’t even try.

I do not know to what extent this quote is truthful, if it is the case, then we have became a society of robots. Luckily i do not think this quote it totally true, or at least not to the extension it gives the impression to be.

Most people don’t even try : The key word in this part of the quote is “Most”, what do we mean by most people? Is it 51% or 99%? This is the key question, and this is what somehow gives the wrong impression. I do believe that more than 51% of people don’t even try, but i am pretty sure it is way less than 99%. In percentage terms it might be a bit deceiving, 51% is like saying 1 in 2 people doesn’t try, while 99% is like saying only 1 in a hundred tries, while the other 99 don’t.

If you try and fail, congratulations : In all honesty there is nothing to congratulate about. trying and failing means that you wasted time and money on a project or idea, and then failed… This time and money would have been better spend on enjoying life … So yeah, there is no reason to congratulate someone on losing time, being stressed and losing money.

The comparison, If you try and fail, congratulations! Most people don’t even try:
Why would you even bother comparing to what others do or don’t? from an individual perspective failure is not a good thing, it does not matter if other try or don’t.

The sad truth about our society:
From a general perspective, this quote is sadly true. Most, as in more than 80%, of people do not follow their dreams, and do not even try. And this does not only concern business, it concerns everything… It seams the general population is risk averse. Fearing to fail, many don’t even try.

Last advice:
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