Entrepreneurship is like Skiing

While skiing, i got this idea that i wasn’t able to shake off: Skiing is hard, fun, risky and needs skills … just like entrepreneurship! So i obviously decided to write a small article about the similarities.

I- Entrepreneurship & Skiing, both, require skills.

You need certain skills to be a successful entrepreneur or successful skier.
A skier with no skills will be struggling staying vertical or even enjoying skiing. You acquire skiing skills through learning, observing others and a lot of practice and falls.
An entrepreneur with no skills will be struggling to keep the business operational. In entrepreneurship skills can also be acquired through learning (mentorship) and observing the competition, and even imitating the competition if need be. But also entrepreneurs acquire skills through practice and trials and errors.
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II- Entrepreneurship & Skiing, both, require risk taking.

Whether you are a novice in skiing or you are an experienced skier, you have to face risk and risk management. New skiers will need to take the risk of being confident and trusting their skis and gravity.
They will probably have to accept the risk of possibly falling and maybe getting hurt slightly from time to time. Without taking this risk, it is unlikely their skiing level will evolve beyond the pizza formation.
Experienced skiers will have to take risks to enjoy more audacious and fun skiing, but the risk here becomes higher. The risks of getting a knee hurt become higher with more audacious moves, thus risk management is essential.
Entrepreneurship is risk taking time and money wise, it requires that you would be ready to take risks. But also needs you to be able to manage the risks and not just take risks blindly.

III- Entrepreneurship & Skiing can be fun.

It is fun to ski, if you are not stressed and if you know how to do it. The same with entrepreneurship it can be fun if you like what you are doing. But, if you are stressed and do not know what you are doing, both skiing and entrepreneurship wouldn’t be fun.

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