Use Time or Lose Time

I am not sure if this is a quote or not. But, it has all the elements to be a proper business quote.

I love this quote so much that i wrote it on a memo board and hang it next to the stairs. My son added the “sus y ” part (young generation humor i guess).

use time or lose time

Use Time or Lose Time

This quote might be controversial for the non entrepreneurial society. For entrepreneurs, time is of the upmost importance, and we often try to optimize our time usage. This does not mean that the binary choice given by this quote is healthy for entrepreneurs or anyone else.
Having a self time, relax time, or even entertainment time are important to our physical and mental health.

The 2 possible interpretations of this quote:

1- Focus on achieving your goals, nothing else matters.
Sacrifice entertainment, relaxation, none business social relation … Anything not helping you reaching your goal is considered is loss of time, or wasting time.

2- Just make sure to properly manage your time, and optimize it’s usage.
You can use time for relaxing, entertainment, work, socializing, anything you want, as long as it is well managed. In other words, manage your time, so that you achieve the most you need.

For example: A 30 minute bus trip can be considered time wasted, but it during the trip you read a book or listen to an audiobook, it will no longer be.

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