You Can’t Hire The Best As Employees, But You Can As Consultants – Abdallah Alaili

The other day i was reflecting about employment, and how it is hard to find great employees compared how easy to find average and below average ones. Thus, this spark of wisdom flashed:

You Can’t Hire The Best As Employees, But You Can As Consultants.

Abdallah Alaili

You Can’t Hire The Best As Employees: All big corporations know the difficulty in recruiting top-tier talent as permanent staff members. Usually, it is due to factors such as high demand for their skills, competition from other companies, or unavailability of this top talent for traditional 9 to 5 employment.

But You Can As Consultants: Despite the challenges in hiring the best talent as employees, it’s more realistic to bring in highly skilled individuals as consultants or on a contractual basis. This approach allows organizations to tap into their expertise without the long-term commitment of employment.

It might be challenging to attract and hire the most qualified individuals as full-time employees, because these highly skilled individuals have often mastered their skills enough to run their own businesses. It’s thus often more feasible to engage them as consultants or freelancers.

Thus often companies looking for certain roles, should consider also working with consultants to better achieve the objectives.

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