The Era of Bug Filled Websites, Apps and Products

These days it seams bugs are normalised, from startups to established companies , hardware, software and everything in between. Tech is filled with products that are available to customers but filled with bugs and issues. Lean startup mentality is leading to the creation of a lot of customer frustration.
I was once listening to a podcast, where the speaker was emphasising on the importance of focusing on few issues even if you let some fires burn. From the perspective of someone involved in tech, i would understand this attitude when it comes to startups with limited resources, but once you have a $1billion + valuation, you should be required to have a product that is perfect. Something that Apple does perfectly.

Here’s some examples of bug filled products i came across:
Amazon : Amazon seller central website is a patch work of barely functional forms, it took me weeks to be able to list an item, once you resolve one issue/ one error, another is not far along.
Banking app with payment terminal: Payments can be declared accepted, and then you realise they were not. Device could stop working entirely for absolutely no reason and no way to repair it.
Security hardware (can not explain in details due to nda): Product can not be added even when new. Unable to add again after it was removed. Many factors that can make the product not work.

Bottom line, companies are no longer working to provide a great experience, they just want the average experience. Companies are willing to keep products filled with bugs. Companies are looking to have products that look good like apple products, but when it comes to functioning like Apple products, it does not seam to be the objective.

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