Are you listening or just preparing to speak ? – Quote

A very interesting quote that most people should take to heart. Unfortunately a lot of people are only interested in their own point of view. They do not actually listen to learn, or to even hear the other point of views. This attitude towards feedback or information is very dangerous in the business context.

Active listening is very important, listening should not be to respond, but rather to understand then analyse and finally address the issue.

Leaders that do not listen, no matter how smart they are, will limit the growth potential. Furthermore, leaders that do not listen can put the company at risk, especially when there is new competitors with better technology or quality of service.

Employees that do not listen, fail to understand and to execute the main vision. Furthermore, an employee that does not listen, is unable to understand the customer’s feedback and to be an effective sensor of the market status.

Other variations of this quote are:

Are you listening or just preparing to speak ?
Are You Listening, Or Are You Waiting To Speak?
Are you listening or just waiting for your turn to speak?
Are You REALLY Listening, or Just Waiting to Talk? 
Are you listening or waiting to speak?
Are You Really Listening, or Just Waiting to Talk?

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