You can not fry eggs with fart – Lebanese quote

Today i will be sharing a quote i heard a lot when i was younger. This quote present in a funny way a key element of entrepreneurship which is financing in general and the seed capital in particular.

The real power of this quote is in it’s simplicity, allowing the message to be transmitted through ages. And i suspect it is an old quote that became an adage.

You can not fry eggs with fart.

You need oil to fry eggs … you can not fry eggs with fart (nothing) and expect a good result (even-though teffal pans kind-of do the job these days).

The same for entrepreneurship, you can not launch a business without capital. You can not launch a project / product without money. Even for services, most will require at least bit of capital to be launched.

For internet entrepreneurs (startups aside), the saying can be somehow less relevant. As creating a site, buying a domain and hosting a site can be done with a minimal amount of capital.

In general, i expect this quote to have originated from an entrepreneur who trades goods.

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Abdallah Alaili

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