If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more – Erica Jong

This is a quote, that i wish it would be taught in schools. Unfortunately schools are more interested in forming future workers, instead of kids that would become financially independent. I have said it a thousand time and i say it again: Life is about taking risks, success require you to risks.

If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more

– Erica Jong

Let’s jump to the meaning of the quote:

If you don’t take risk on your projects, job, life, etc … You will stay exactly in the same spot. And life is known to be ruthless towards people that are not able to evolve and progress.

For those with ideas, if you do not pursue your idea,s you will live your entire life regretting it. And maybe even due to circumstances, be financially in trouble. While pursuing an idea, might be a good thing, because even if you fail, you gain the experience and know how, to start again better or even get a better job.

In simple terms if you take risks, you can succeed or not, become rich or not … If you don’t take risks you know for fact that you will not succeed or become rich. You will be wasting your life in a job working for someone else, in a bad relationship or in a specific situation that is the result of your lack of courage.

Exception: Some well paid jobs might make you rich without a need to take risks, but in general it is not the case.

I end this post, with a reminder that maybe not everyone is an entrepreneur, but in life you might need sometimes to take risks that can have a huge impact long term.

If you have a website related idea, consider outsourcing the work, this would be a risk that doesn’t require much from you.

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