Netflix ‘Tinder Swindler’ documentary about Simon Leviev, is fake?

This is not a business related topic, but shows how you need to be careful as a person but also as a business owner.
I watched the Netflix ‘Tinder Swindler’ documentary 2 days ago. A nice “documentary” but it raised a lot of red flags, and i am convinced it might be fake, i’ll explain why.

First, you need to know that media outlets can be easily manipulated, a couple guys i worked with a long time ago did that, and one still does that till today (read Fake it till you make it).

I think this documentary have been done with some artistic freedom, the story might be based on many real events, but i believe there is some deception involved in producing this documentary.

1- A master mind scam artist does stupid blunders:
Simon sends his new credit card (with new id) to his girlfriend house ? Someone who have several associates needs to send his card to a victim. And it contains his new fake id. This seems a bit unbelievable, furthermore why would he need a new empty credit card if all the payment is being done by his girlfriends credit cards? A possible answer, might be that Ayleen is an accomplice or the documentary is fake.

2- The economics and pyramid ponzi scheme don’t add up:
In the documentary, the clearly mention that 20 000$ were spent in 3 days, this means with such a lifestyle, this guy needs $100k every 2 weeks, this means that he needs to find at least a new girlfriend/money source every month, this would have him maintain a relation with at least a dozen girlfriends at once. Given that not all would be willing or capable to withdraw amounts up to $k200, it would be safe to assume he needs 2-3 dozen girlfriends a year. This can not be described as a pyramid scheme because it can not grow beyond a certain limit, and as the number of potential girlfriends increase the costs would increase.

3- Some video shots were taken from Simon’s (or whatever his name) perspective.
So how we got those? he sent them to girlfriends? Why would you do that if you were a scammer?

4- Ayleen story raises too many red flags, they have been together for 40 or 14 month (that’s a year or 3 years), that’s a lot of time to maintain an illusion of rich dude. He takes her with him to plastic surgeon ? Why would he do that if she was a standard victim? How much she gave him, on the internet she states another amount than what she stated in the documentary. He have her address as receiving address for his new fake id ? She is in luxury clothes business, was she involved in buying his clothes, was he also a client ?

5- Wrapped up like a movie that exceeded the budget.
This is by far the funniest part. So Simon, 1 min before boarding a flight texts Ayleen that he needed a flight ticket to fix some mess. When he did not reply a minute later, Ayleen knew he was going to Greece, because he talked about Greece a few weeks ago …
This guy travels in a week more than i travel in an entire decade, and Ayleen was able to pick up the idea that he was going to Greece … And why the heck did he ask for a ticket just before boarding a flight ?

My conclusion is either this is a fake documentary, or Ayleen is part of the gang, and decided to double cross the guy.

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