Difference Between Entrepreneur and Businessman

There is a huge misunderstanding in the business community, it is mainly due to too much useless embellishment.

In big companies, you have chairman, board of directors, CEO… In smaller companies you hear about owner, entrepreneur or founder.

But a company is a business, thus whatever size is your company, you are a businessman.

So where does this misunderstanding arise from? Simply, the need to look more sophisticated.

Entrepreneur is a word that sounds french and classy, because it is french lend word.

Most entrepreneurs that are in the tech sector, like startups founders, websites owners and so on, prefer using the term entrepreneur instead of businessman.

Why? because (chuckle) we often do not make enough money from our business for it to qualify as a real business. Joke aside, the reason is simply that these -mostly young – showoffs want to distinguish themselves from the standard average businessman and businesswoman.

An example of the wrong understanding of the difference between businessman and entrepreneur

There is absolutely no difference between businessman and entrepreneur. Do not believe anything you read otherwise.

However, there is a term that is often used “serial entrepreneur“, which might give this subtle meaning on which many business writers base their logic. Serial entrepreneur is a person that creates multiple businesses. The term serial businessman is not used. Thus by heuristics, these writers started associating the term entrepreneur to people with business creation potential.

Thus a businessman does not necessarily mean a person that buys for 1$ and sells for a higher amount. And an entrepreneur does not necessarily mean a person that creates new products or services. Both entrepreneur and businessman, are the same and mean someone who owns or launched a business whatever the nature of that business is.

Entrepreneur creator of a business

But there is a twist, in the above case i was considering the usage of the term when it comes to people that launched a company or business from scratch. But, a business can be something you buy or is transmitted to you from your parent. You did not found, nor grow the business, you simply own it, In this case you are a business owner.

Now, what is an entrepreneur ?

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