Everyone has the potential to be great, if they believe it -Me

I took a quote from Ray Clear’s book and decided to simplify it. The original quote is:

Everyone is born with the potential of being a great achiever if only they believe they are

Ray Clear

My slightly modified quote, which holds the exact same meaning.

Everyone has the potential to be great, if they believe it


I do strongly believe that each of us have huge untapped potential. Our potential is wasted due to the structure of this society that do not try to empower people but rather use them for it’s functioning. People get stuck in the rat race, and they do not pursue their dreams, then society showers us with whatever necessary to waste our time and lose our self confidence.

To be great requires that we do something we love. If you believe in your capacity, and dedicate the time and the effort needed, you will achieve what your heart desires.

Unfortunately, most people do not believe in their own capacity, as a result do not dedicate the time and effort needed to achieve something great.

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Abdallah Alaili

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