7 business ideas with a 0 budget & require no talent

Business ideas with a zero budget and require no talent! That seems unlikely, but in fact it is possible.
To write this article, i did a lot of brainstorming as usual, and obviously also did a lot of research.
Like all my articles, this one will be realistic, unlike most articles you find online about business ideas …

I mean, honestly, some of the articles i read are so absurd, i wonder how do the authors convince themselves and the publishing sites that what they write is true!

First, let’s focus on the keyword in our article : business ideas , meaning it is not about finding a job, but rather starting a business that you can grow. Thus i exclude, ideas that have no scope of growing beyond the freelancer. Example: driver, assistant, etc.
Also by business, i mean something that you earn money by doing, and not the type that you waste time, and “you might start earning one day”.
Thus i exclude, blogging, launching a youtube channel, becoming instagram influencer, because these are none realistic ways to create a business in 2020.

time is money

Thus, without further ado, here’s:

7 business ideas you can do without need for cash or talent !

1- Grocery Delivery Company :

Some people do not have time to run errands after a long day at work, others like elderly and handicapped, may not have the physical capacity to do so, even some are avoiding supermarkets altogether due to covid-19. So why not do the shopping for them?
Most big supermarkets are now offering this delivery service, but prices are often very high. Furthermore, supermarket delivery limits the customer to 1 shop, which is not what most customers are looking for. A typical customer might want half the items from one supermarket, another half from the other.
If you own a car, you could become people’s personal shopper. And when things start growing, you can hire employees to do the task instead of you.

So how to do it ?
– Split your day in 2 periods, example: Before 1 PM are delivered by 4 PM. After 1PM are delivered by 8 PM.
– 1 trip per supermarket / shop per period. Remember: be competitive you need to lower your transport costs.
– If you can afford it, give a small extra item for big clients or loyal clients.

2- Online Seller :

Even-though it is becoming very easy and affordable to launch an ecommerce site or shop, most businesses are still offline. Find local products and sell them on ebay, amazon and such sites. There are a lot of people that suggest drop-shipping as well. Drop-shipping is a bit more complex process.

So how to do it ?
– Scan the shops in your area, especially the ones operated by people over 50. For example: souvenir shop, book shop, antiques, etc…
– Avoid Chinese products, because they are probably sold online directly from china. focus only on local or national products.
– Make sure you understand the fee structure in the selling sites, some sites offer free listing of items and only a commission, while others charge you for both listing and sale of items.

3- Cleaning company :

Contrary to what you might think, cleaning is not very complicated. And most businesses require a cleaning service, to take care of cleaning after business hours. Cleaning services might require a bit of training, something that any house-lady can provide you free of charge.
You can offer the service for businesses and private individuals as well.

So how to do it ?
– Get proper training from any house-lady, know what cleaning products to use and when. And what not to mix!
– Offer discounted prices, provided they have the necessary cleaning products onsite.
– Do not take all the job yourself, hire some ladies to help you, while you focus on monitoring and getting clients.

4- Pet Keeping:

Many people treat their pets like their children, and require a good service of taking care of them when they are away.
Keeping pets, when owners are on a vacation, or walking dogs when owners can not. People working from 9 to 5, often do not have time to walk their dogs, before leaving for work. In some places, dog walking alone can be a very profitable business.

So how to do it ?
– For pet keeping, make sure to avoid too much pets in 1 room, remember your clients treat the pets as their kids, and want their well being.
– For walking dogs, make sure to have strong leach, and that the dog is well trained. If the dog is not well trained, avoid places with people and other animals.

5 – Lawn Care and Gardening:

Some people like gardening, others don’t. There is a social pressure to keep a tidy garden and even many cities require homeowners to keep the lawn mowed. Offering Gardening and lawn care service could extend beyond the lawns mowing into other gardening services like gardening, raking and snow removal, that keep the client throughout the 12 months.

So how to do it ?
– For the lawn mowing part, that’s easy. For the gardening, get yourself a good gardening book from the library and read.
– You can always offer your services to the neighbors of your clients, and your client will be your portfolio.

6- Unwanted items Collect & Sell:

In many countries, people throw out unwanted furniture and items on specific days of the year. Most of these items are usually still functional, but no longer desired. This depends usually on how rich the community is, the richer the community the better the item thrown will be. In Paris for example, some people collect these items and sell them in the weekend market. In the south of France, a much richer region, less people are interested in collecting them, and thus you find entrepreneurial individuals picking stuff up with pickups. All depend on the country and region. For example where i live, i put an old cathode TV out, and it was gone within 2h, while where i used to live in Nice – south of France- I remember seeing a flat screen TV in good shape thrown out and not being picked by anyone during an entire day -even-though the exposure to people was at least 20 times higher in Nice.
This is a business, where your cost is almost zero, thus it’s all profit.

So how to do it ?
– Get the dates, for each community, neighborhood, when they are allowed to throw things out .
– Visit the area the night before & the early the next day.
– Take a pick up with you, if you expect to find a lot.
– Leave big worthless items, you need to remember that you will have to store these items till you sell them.
– Sell the items: Online, markets, Online shop, or even to a pawnshop if they are small to medium and you want instant money.
– $: Invest in creating a website with an online shop, where you can list and sell the items.

7-Marketing Agency Franchise:

This is a bonus one, i know what you are thinking, a marketing agency franchise, that must cost a lot! And you are right, franchises usually charge between $3000- $3 million to allow you to operate a branch. And a marketing agency does not exactly classify under “zero budget” and “no talent” proposal. You will need a lot of talent and a nice capital to run a marketing agency! With our free franchise, you need neither!
However, the trick is, that i am offering free franchises to specific markets. You as a franchisee, for a specific region, you just handle the communication with the client online and via phone. Everything else is done by the main entity, design, programming, marketing, even payment processing is done by the main entity. All you do, is talk with the clients, and help with basic local marketing.

So how to do it ?
– Go to the Franchise page, and check the conditions.
– Apply, and wait for our reply.

Here you go, 7 business ideas that really require no talent and no budget. This said, keep in mind that a business needs investing, even if it requires no budget, you should start investing in it as soon as you can. For most of these business ideas, having a van or a big car is important, thus consider it.
Also, understand that opportunities are everywhere, and you need to keep your eyes open. You also should work hard, launching a business is not a short game.
Lastly, you need to understand that business growth, requires marketing, and marketing requires money, thus consider investing in marketing whenever you can.

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