A correct answer is better than a quick one – Konrad Kopa

Today i bring you a quote of wisdom that rivals the wisdom of ancient Greek philosophers. The real value of this quote is in it’s simplicity.

A correct answer is better than a quick one

– Konrad Kopa

This statement, might give you the impression it is an old Chinese wisdom cookie quote. It is not, it is the brainchild of a hardworking individual, with a wide experience in modern day training and education strategies.

You might think that i am giving this quote too much importance, as it is obvious, but if you delve really into the philosophical meaning and the relation with the fast paced society we are living in, you would realise the hidden meaning in this genius statement.

I can only imagine what events inspired Konrad to make such a statement … Is it the lack of patience he have experienced while mentoring students and mentees ? Is it an entire generation that no longer look for right answers, but for the next button ? Or is it the pressure to compete and to be fast … the rat race ?

But then again, what is a correct answer ? What is the truth ? and what defines the truth ? A lot of philosophical questions waiting for answers!

We can only wonder, and be grateful for the wisdom provided by this genius, this legend.

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Abdallah Alaili

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