Copycats can’t innovate.

I came across this statement while watching a video by Gretta van Riel. I tried to see if i can attribute the quote to her, but found out that this statement have been said by many others.

Copycats can’t innovate.

Lately, i have been reflecting about this subject recently. Copycats usually do not get as much attention as innovators. But in some cases, these copycats do end up making a lot of money, and then it is really interesting to see the path they take, and the choices they choose.

I have been keeping my eye on one of these copycats. A Chinese fintech CEO, his success came as a result of copying a successful firm he worked in. Then his firm became so big and successful that it outshone the original company. But once a copy cat always a copycat. This billionaire CEO, instead of innovating and creating new products and services, he started copying everything in his industry, things that really have no importance. I was wondering, why would such a billionaire spend millions and lock the time of his engineers on such projects with no importance. Then, it hit me, he doesn’t know better, he does not have an innovator mind, he just knows how to copy what others do.

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Abdallah Alaili

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