Steve Jobs : the best ideas have to win

one of the
keys to apple is apple’s an incredibly
collaborative company
you know how many committees we have at
apple no
we have no committees no committees we
are a ver we are organized like a
one person is in charge of
iphone os software one person is in
charge of mac hardware one person is in
charge of iphone hardware engineering
another person is in charge of worldwide
marketing another person is in charge of
it’s we’re organized like a startup
we’re the biggest startup on the planet
we all meet for three hours once a week
and we talk about everything we’re doing
the whole business
and there’s tremendous teamwork at the
top of the company which filters down to
tremendous teamwork throughout the
company and teamwork is dependent on
trusting the other folks to come through
with their part without watching them
all the time
but trusting that they’re going to come
through with their parts and
that’s what we do really well
and we’re great at figuring out how to
divide things up into these great teams
that we have
and all work on the same thing
touch bases frequently
and bring it all together into a product
we do that really well
and so what i do all day
is meet with teams of people
work on ideas and solve problems to make
new products to make new marketing
programs whatever it is and are people
willing to tell you you’re wrong
yeah i mean other than
snarky journalists i mean people are
working yeah no we have wonderful
and do you win them all or oh no i wish
i did
i’ll see you can’t
if you want to hire great people and
have them stay working for you you have
to let them
make a lot of decisions and you have to
you have to be run by ideas
not hierarchy the best ideas have to win
so otherwise good people don’t stay but
you must be more than a facilitator who
runs meetings you obviously contribute
your own ideas i contribute ideas sure
why would i be there if i didn’t

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