It’s amazing the moment you show cash, everyone knows your language – Aravind Adiga

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This is a funny quote, i like it, and it is so true. People that travel would probably agree with this quote: It is funny how the monetary system have domesticated us to be nice if there is a possibility to make money. This would work in most cases, the only factor would be the amount of cash. For the right amount of cash everyone can be friendly and tolerant.

You would understand how truthful the quote when you see snobby salespeople suddenly become very friendly with tourists when they realize that the tourists are wealthy (hint french riviera).

To take the quote further, as i said before, for the right amount of cash everyone can be friendly and tolerant.

Surely the amount of cash plays a role. You will not see the doors of the yacht club open for you if you show some dollar bills, but hundred dollar bills is something else, and so on, for each social echelon there is an amount of cash that makes everyone friendly towards you .

Update, to add a fun touch to this post, check the video below:

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