Wantrepreneur Definition

What is the meaning of the term wantrepreneur ? I have seen many articles using this term, most of them taking too much liberty defining it the way they want. Wantrepreneur is Not a bad entrepreneur, nor an entrepreneur seeking fame, money or opportunities.

Wantrepreneur, is a merger of 2 words wannabe entrepreneur, thus wantrepreneur is simply wannabe-entrepreneur.

What is a wannabe-entrepreneur (wantrepreneur) ? It is simply an individual that have not yet taken the plunge. It is a person with an idea, who have never previously launched a business, and has still not launched the first business/company.

Wantrepreneur is the stage where a first time wannabe entrepreneur is still in idea phase.

Every entrepreneur goes through the stage of being a wantrepreneur before actually becoming an entrepreneur. Not all wantrepreneurs actually take the plunge and become entrepreneurs, many never do it, many remain in idea stage and never execute their idea.

Thus the label wantrepreneur would be given to those that are decisively not going to realize their ideas, and instead will remain in idea stage.

What is and what is not a wantrepreneur:

WantrepreneurNot a Relevant Criteria X
Never launched any business aim to be rich
Idea centeredself-centered
Procrastinator (often)following a trend
Easily get discouraged (often)keep complaining
Wait for it to be given (often)work hard for their image
Cheapskate (not ready to put money) (often)

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