Pursue your passions, the risks are not as great as they seem to be -Jeff Bezos

Full quote by Jeff Bezos is: it’s very important to pursue your passions and if you’re doing that the risks are often not as great as they seem to be.

was said during this interview: Jeff Bezos on Entrepreneurship and How Amazon Innovated

There are risks in entrepreneurship, there is no way to deny that. entrepreneurs are risk takers, also no one can deny that.

However, the risks are often not as great as they seem to be, is indeed a true statement.

It’s very important to pursue your passions : this is the most important part, and the key to this idea/statement/quote. Once you pursue your passions you are committed to your project, and you are working hard to pursue the vision.
The risks vary, sometimes the project have a lot of risk taking, sometimes less. But, often, if you are pursuing something you love, this variable amount of risk, is not as great as it seem to be. Why? because pursuing a passion gives the project a huge boost and drive to succeed.

Another point, is maybe overestimating risks before going into a business. It is not always the case, but Jeff using the term often instead of giving an absolute status, makes me want to agree with him.

For most small businesses, the risk can be limited, and with passion almost entirely erased.

A passionate entrepreneur will not just launch a company and watch fail, he/she will do everything that could be done to make the business succeed, thus in retrospect, the risk is not as great as initially thought.

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