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This week i had to give a small motivational speech to a group of around a 100 tech programmers, my speech objective was to try to create the desire to have a tech startup or waken up their entrepreneurial spirit.

The reason for the speech was to promote my startup networking group, and i have previously sensed a kind of disinterest in creating or launching startups, so few days before the event, i decided to scrap the promotional speech and replace it with a motivational one.

The speech was supposed to be few minutes long, thus i created a 3minutes 30 seconds speech,
followed by a 1 minute explainer video -which replaced my promotional speech-.


startup entrepreneurs speech

Speech begins >>

My name is Abdallah Alaili, and I am honored to be speaking today to this beautiful and intelligent crowd.

I was supposed to present to you today,  a networking group for startups and startup ideas, called startupz.
we held a meeting recently…. and then i changed my mind,
instead, today i want to read to you 3 quotes from innovators and pioneers, that’s it, no big deal, just 3 quotes …

The first quote is by Marc Andreessen,

Software is eating the world – Marc Andreessen
-slide note: Marc Andreessen one of the biggest tech investors in Silicon Valley.

Programmers, more than anyone else, know that the above statement is true,
we live in a world where information technology is advancing at a rapid pace and disrupting many established industries,
it is the time to mine for Gold, it is the time to compete, innovate , disrupt … and change the world,
The second quote i chose is by Peter Thiel,

“A startup is the largest group of people you can convince of a plan to build a different future,”  – Peter Thiel book 0 to 1
Peter Thiel is founder of paypal & 1st external investor in facebook.

You can not do it alone, you need a team, you need cofounders, you need people with a complementary set of skills.
If you are not a people’s person, if you are not a marketer, if you are not good in managing … You will need to find someone or some people that are good at these tasks and are ready to share your vision.
It is hard for a startup to become successful even more so in [country name ] .
It is hard to find investors, it is hard to find cofounders and it’s hard to find interest…

The 3rd quote is by Walt Disney,

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing ~ Walt Disney

A recent survey by the University of Phoenix found that 63% of people under 30 wanted to have their own startup or company, it drops to  26% for those above 60 ….
the older you get, the less attached to your dreams and the more hesitant you will become …
there’s no better time than now!!

that’s it a networking group, StartupZ , to help you dream big.

<< Speech Ends

In this precise community, entrepreneurship is weak, startups are few, and for a reason …
There is a lack of investors, lack of entrepreneurial structure and very weak ecosystem!
Furthermore, as one of these programmers told me after the event, many programmers would love to build their own startups, but they have families to feed and montages to pay.

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