Are men better entrepreneurs and leaders than women?

When i started writing this article, i was convinced 100% that men are better leaders and better entrepreneurs than woman, but as i started to go through details and arguments, i realized that my opinions were not objective. As a result i decided to take a couple weeks before finally publishing this article. I am really glad, that i decided to write about this subject, because it helped me understand entrepreneurship better, and appreciate women more!

Men vs women entrepreneurs

Here’s the article after modification, thus it’s really a mix of opinions, my old vs new point of views, which both are kind of valid!

Argument and ideas in vrac on why women don’t have what it takes to become entrepreneurs:

  • I have always heard the term businessman, and the term was always synonym to entrepreneur or boss or business creator, the term businesswomen is less frequent but hold an entirely different meaning, it means a women with a busy lifestyle, and more often a women that travels a lot or have a managing / executive position in a big firm, that comes from the fact that more often women businesses are small and are often a 1 person company (fail in growth).
  • Putting pressure on women to equal men and to succeed in business, and to measure success in the same way men’s success is measured, is the work of the feminists and recently tech female writers, not the natural call from the everyday women ….
  • Succeeding in business is not an exclusivity for men, even-though men are more likely to become entrepreneurs, women tend to have a higher success rate (self rated), and it’s because of this fact that men are better entrepreneur than women!  Lost? Let me explain in simple terms: women have a higher percentage of success because they take less risks and they go with what they know, and that my friends is the anti-thesis of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is risk taking and ambition!
    A recent survey of 1,004 small business owners found 271 women and 733 men, 80 % of these women responded that they did not think taking more risks would make them more successful. So men are 3 x more entrepreneurial than women, and those women entrepreneurs that took the risk to be their own bosses in majority do not want to take more risks to grow.At the same time more than 90 percent of the women entrepreneurs viewed their business as a success. Only 80 percent of men felt the same way. The difference is due to a dual factor, first women in business have lower expectations and ambitions, second women are excellent for customer relation.
  • Evolution have taught women to take less risks, because they were the ones taking care of the young kids while men were taught to take risks in-order to catch food for the family/community, and without taking risks, killing preys wasn’t gonna happen. Repeat this for a hundred thousand year, and a specific divergence between women and men capacity and skills is established.
    In some culture they consider women inferior to men, in others they are trying to push the idea that men and women are equal, but none bother to focus on the obvious, men and women are simply different!!! It is unfortunate, that political correct speech have rendered sexist, any other opinion on women capacity to lead companies and to be business creators.
    It became a form of sexism if you say men are better than women in something, the ignorant promoters of complete equality between men and women, have forgotten the effect of thousands of years of biological, emotional and social evolution that rendered men and women entirely different, with different set of skills and capacities!


Women are the original risk takers and have better projects.
After reflecting about the previous paragraph, i realized that saying that women are bad entrepreneurs, because they take less risks, is simply ignorant. Ignorant of the fact, that women are the original risk takers, if it was for men to decide, humanity would have gone instinct a long time ago. Having kids is indeed the ultimate risk taking, especially in the old and prehistoric days, but since ever women decided to have their projects “kids”, and were somehow successful in managing the workforce “men” to provide the necessary resources for the project! And with such a project in the mind of almost each women, it’s no wonder that less interesting projects “businesses” might not be a priority!
I think that if women didn’t give birth, they would be more women entrepreneurs than men!

Women are bad entrepreneurs!
In general, women fail miserably with keeping track of the finances, they are good in small businesses where there’s no need for ambition or taking risks, but they are a bad choice for leadership in strategic and risk taking positions!
Not all, some women are great leaders and entrepreneurs take for example Marissa Mayer , CEO of Yahoo, she is beautiful, sexy, and it seams she have what it takes to lead,  Arrianna Huffington is another great example, of an entrepreneur that managed to create a news empire.

Women are great entrepreneurs and co-founders! (yeah the exact opposite of the previous paragraph) After some serious reflection, i realized that women are actually amazing entrepreneurs, and here’s some of the reasons why:
1- They have the ability to gather employee around a project.
2- They have a better ability to build teams and to be co-founders.
3- They are much more friendly bosses and more listening to feedback.
4- Women leaders are less full of BS, and more productive, especially that they have to prove themselves to everyone.

Women are great for people relations!
When it comes to communications, women excel! They are better when it comes to customer relation, they are better when it comes to human resources and logistics.They have essential skills that most men lack, being friendly all the time and effective multitasking!

Women dominate Social Media!
They have a wider reach, and their posts generate more interaction, as a result this means more free advertising.

We can not generalize which gender is better in entrepreneurship or leadership, facts are there’s a lot of men entrepreneurs and leaders and there’s a bit less women entrepreneurs and a lot less women leaders, but society have played a big role in this, it was much more acceptable for men to take the plunge than to women. The presence of a percentage as high as 30% of entrepreneurs are women, means that it’s only a question of statistics and not a question of capacity and skills.



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